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Richard Noble has been a regular speaker at corporate conferences and events all over the World with 700 appearances in the last 39 years. Because of the wide range of activities involved in the projects and the extraordinary approaches needed to overcome the sceptics and cynics,Richard is able to speak on a very wide range of business related topics. Key to the presentations are the essential will to win through to success and the extraordinary levels of risk, stress pressure and struggle of the latest counter culture programmes.

As one might expect, the projects tend to operate some way ahead of conventional corporate change - being dependent on the need for very high levels of individual performance and funded with minimal finance. Every step forward requires the winning of a serious battle and considerable courage from the companies and partners involved - as well as new levels of skill and motivation from the team members. Potential for total project failure is seldom more than a couple of weeks ahead, such is the price exacted for developing disruptive technologies.

A key development of these projects was the flat company developed from Richard's experiences with the US American Management Association. Although the working principles developed as early as the Thrust2 programme, it wasn�t until the ThrustSSC project was faced with total failure of corporate sponsorship and the challenge from McLaren and the Americans that the company was configured as a flat company in order to provide the very high levels of individual performance and corporate agility needed to beat the well funded opposition. The flat company structure is designed to totally replace the old traditional hierarchical structure and is configured to ensure maximum contribution from the Ego and Self Actualisation personal motivators as defined by Abraham Maslow - the same motivators which Maslow stated are seldom more than 10% satisfied in traditional companies. The successful flat company depends very much on a rejection of the old hierarchical principles and replacement with very high standards of teamwork with enhanced communication innovation integrity and decision making skills from the team members. Key to holding the teams together is the Group Dynamics team working principles � which tend to be the exact opposite of those practiced in the traditional confrontational hierarchical company.

Expressed in ThrustSSC terms, the Thrust flat company was able to out-innovate, out-work and out-perform its competitors by a very wide margin and to deliver the first supersonic land speed record on just 12% of the MacLaren budget.

Richard's presentations are deeply thought provoking, are presented at a fast pace and feature amazing video inserts. The idea is to inspire the audience to realise that their true potential is likely to be way ahead of their current levels of personal ambition and to encourage original thought, action and to understand true teamwork.

Each presentation is specially written to achieve the client's objectives.

Richard's speaking engagements take him all over the World � and wherever he is, there is always an audience fascinated with the achievements of the ThrustSSC and Bloodhound teams � and of course the current challenges.

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